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Car Servicing 

So, your car seems to be behaving itself perfectly nicely, then you take it in for a routine service and get a big bill – why? The problem is that although your vehicle may be running OK, there are hidden elements that need preventative measures to make sure things stay that way. A service and the ensuing costs are worth every penny when you consider how much could go drastically wrong if parts are left to deteriorate.

We know that servicing demands a huge amount of trust from our customers and we like to earn it. We’ve worked hard and fair for over a decade to make sure our customers feel confident that we’re always doing what’s best for their vehicle.

Our car servicing

  • Upfront details of any work
  • A clear service sheet
  • Advice about your car’s servicing
  • Unipart Lubrication System Flush and Fuel System Treatment
  • BER legislation means you can now go to any dealer you choose, regardless of your manufacturer warranty
Autocentres Servicing

Ask us anything about car servicing –
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