Purchasing Economy Tyres in Cwmbran Discussed by Autocentres

Economy Tyres Cwmbran

When looking for new tyres, there are certain aspects that you will want to consider when choosing your new tyres. Tyres are a highly important part of your vehicle, effectively being the only thing that separates you from the road.

Autocentres has many years of experience offering economy tyres in Cwmbran. In this article, we will offer our various tips on what to consider when purchasing a brand new tyre as well as well as how we can help you with our wide range of tyres. If you are looking for economy tyres in Cwmbran or cheap tyres in Cwmbran then enquire with our team using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 01633 872 001

What Do I Need To Think About With Tyre Tread

Tyre treads work as a linear water pumping system, with the job being to keep water out of your tyres to increase grip in wet conditions. The tyre tread itself offers no benefit to grip on a dry road surface therefore the sole purpose of the treading of your tyres is to keep you save in wet conditions. This is why checking the tread depth of your tyres is of so much importance. The legal limit for dept of the tread on your tyres is 1.6mm with failure to replace tyres below this tread depth could carry a fine of up to £2,500 and 3 points on your license per tyre. The legal guidelines for this are highly important as they are designed to keep motorists safe in wet conditions.

Remember – Replacing Tyres Should Always be in Pairs

If you are facing the prospect of having to replace your tyres or a tyre then it’s highly important that you replace your tyres in pairs. This means that if you have one tyre that has become highly worn or is nearing the minimum tread depth then you will need to replace the adjacent tyre (on the same axel). There’s a lot of reasons as to why you should have your tyres replaced in pairs. There’s an increase in stability and balance when you fit two new tyres in comparison to having a new tyre and an older tyre on the same axel. The balance won’t be right if you have an uneven tread depth on each tyre which means that you will be left with an uneven drive. It’s also easier to monitor tread-depth where two tyres have been replaced and in some cases it’s even beneficial to replace all 4 tyres to maintain an even tread depth across all of your tyres.

Check the Tyre Size on Your Tyre

Getting used to reading the tyre size of your tyres is very useful when looking for new tyres. This means that you will know which tyres are the right size for your vehicle and will let you know what tyres you are looking for. The information that you will need is usually on the side wall of your tyre and you can use the information stated to find out about load size and speed capacity. They are usually a number and letter and then you can use these to determine the actual load speed and capability figures by using industry tables. Other information that is included that might be useful that is located on the side wall of your tyre is the manufacturer of the tyre, the tread wear indicators as well as the pattern type. Learning how to read the tyre code written on the side wall of your tyre is really useful and will help when you need to get your next set of tyre fitted.

Purchase Economy Tyres in Cwmbran Today!

New Economy Tyres CwmbranNew Economy Tyres Cwmbran

At Autocentres, we offer a wide range of high quality economy tyres for your vehicle. If you are concerned with the current condition with your tyres or are having issues with your current tyres then we also offer a free tyre check where we can assess the condition and suitability of your tyres. We can then offer you the relevant advice in regards to the condition of your tyres and this will ensure that you are able to make informed decisions and you can go through with a replacement if needed. We are more than happy to offer expert advice on the condition of your tyres as well in helping you to find the perfect tyres for your vehicle.

We offer a huge range of car tyres for all types of road vehicle, from cars to vans and 4x4s. We have amazing deals and our qualified mechanics can help you with all of your tyre related questions and requirements. If you are looking for economy tyres in Cwmbran or new tyres in Cwmbran then enquire with Autocentres using an online contact form on our website or telephone our team now on: 01633 872 001