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So it’s time for your next vehicle MOT. Although for some motorists this can be a stressful and dreaded experience – there are various ways that you can prepare for an MOT to give you the best chance at knowing that your vehicle is going to make it through the test. There are also some additional tips that we have included so that you are not failed for minor technicalities (think forgetting to fill up your washer fluid!)


Autocentres has many years of experience offering MOTs in Newport. Read on to find out our top tips on preparing your car for its MOT and making sure that you won’t get any nasty surprises and a hefty amount of repairs to carry out after the MOT has taken place. It’s very important to remember that regular servicing is also a great way to know that your vehicle is in good nick. If you are looking for an MOT in Newport or MOT test in Newport then enquire with Autocentres using a form on our website or telephone our expert team now on: 01633 244 474


Getting Prepared


Although the first thought that might pop into your head when your MOT is approaching is to prepare your vehicle for the test, the first thing that you should do is book in your MOT test. Booking your test early is a great way to prepare and get the time slot that you want to be able to plan ahead with the various checks that you may want to carry out.


Ensure that you remind yourself to book your MOT when it is due! If you miss your MOT this could lead to a fine of £1000 and invalidate your insurance which could lead to penalty points on your license.


Now that you’ve booked your MOT early to give yourself time to carry out your checks, what checks will you need to make?


What is Included in Your MOT Test?


The MOT test takes around 45 minutes and checks car breaks, steering, the battery, airbags, speedometer and suspension. There’s also checks that are carried out on bodywork damage and if the exhaust and petrol cap are secure on the vehicle. There is also an examination of your tyres, mirrors, seatbelts, doors, license plates and lights. These are arguably the easiest to check before your MOT test so these are some of the things that you will want to check for when preparing for your MOT.


What are the Most Common Faults on an MOT?


Brake, lighting and signalling are the most common reasons for failure of an MOT. It’s really important to take a lot of steps to make sure that your car is in top condition as any faults will be picked up in the test and commented on. For the most common faults, check that all of your lights are fully working. These are a cheap fix or you can even replace bulbs yourself if you are confident. Check your tyres and the tread to make sure that the tread is above the legal tread limit of 1.6mm. Also give your tyres a once over for any bulges, punctures or physical damage to the tyre. Check the exhaust isn’t leaking and that the horn, seatbelts and mirrors are all working properly.


Other Forms of Car TLC


Wiping down your license plates and checking that they are attached correctly is a simple way to carry out TLC on your vehicle. This will ensure that you do not fail on this check. Top up brake fluid, oil levels and remember windscreen washer! You can even fail your MOT on having empty windscreen washer levels which shows the scrutiny that your car will come under during the test! Arranging for regular servicing is also very important as this will mean that there are no nasty surprises when it is time for your car’s MOT.


Arrange for Your MOT in Newport Today


Now that you know all of the ways that you can prepare for your MOT, it’s time to book in your test! If you are interested in finding out more about how you can prepare for your MOT then we can also help you! We offer a variety of checks including a free tyre check and professional servicing for your car or vehicle. This can also help you to prepare for your MOT if there is anything that you are not sure about. It’s very important to not be fearful of the unknown. Your vehicle still may fail its MOT after all of these checks have been carried out. If you are looking for an MOT in Newport or an MOT service in Newport then enquire with Autocentres using an online contact form on our website or telephone our team now on: 01633 244 474