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Finding your next set of tyres can be a stressful process – especially when you do not have a vast amount of experience in understanding the signs in which you may need new tyres. It’s really important to make sure that your tyres are in good condition and that you are regularly checking your tyres to make sure that they are safe while on the road. We have created this article to let you know everything about your tyres, from what to check when you are taking a look at your tyres to how to tell the age of your tyres and when it’s time for a replacement. Our tyre specialists are always available to help should you require this and will be more than happy to take a look with our FREE tyre checks. Enquire with our team today to find out more about our tyres in Newport or telephone our Newport garage now on: 01633 244 474

How Do I Assess / Check the Current Condition of My Tyres?


When thinking about your tyres – you may have heard about the importance of tyre maintenance. It’s really important to get on-top of the maintenance of your tyres as your tyres are the only thing separating your car from the road. This is why you need to take good care of your tyres as any damage or severe wear on the tyres can put you at great risk on the road. The damage that we are going to be looking for when carrying out a visual inspection of your tyres are as follows:


  • Damage to the tyre itself such as punctures, cuts or embedded foreign objects.
  • Damage to the tyre wall.
  • Checking for bulges in the tyre which can cause damage.
  • Checking the tread depth of the tyres (some tyres have tread indicators.)


A visual inspection can also include checking the pressure levels of your tyres. You can buy tyre checking equipment which are in-expensive and allow you to do a check on your tyres while they are cold. You can also go to the garage or petrol station to check your tyre pressure but remember that your tyres may be hot when you arrive which means that you will need to take this into consideration when taking the pressure measurements. Your car’s manual will have instructions for the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle. You may also find a diagram on the side of the fuel cap which shows the recommended pressures with a different loads and passengers. When going on a longer trip or journey – ensure to check the following for your tyres:


  • Tyre pressure is to the correct levels.
  • Tyre wear is above 1.6mm (the legal limit.)
  • You have checked the outside of the tyres for physical damage.
  • You have checked your tyre walls for damage.


What Do I Need to Do If There are Suspected Issues With My Tyres?


If you suspect that there is something wrong with your tyres after carrying out a check or they don’t feel right on the road – the best thing to do is to get them checked. This is because of the fact that there could be a dangerous issue with your tyres that could cause you to break-down at best or at worst risk a tyre blowout while driving at speed. As mentioned, we offer a FREE tyre check in which we can take a further look – especially if you have concerns. If you feel that your tread depth is below the legal limit of 1.6mm then you should immediately phone the garage and arrange for an appointment. You should really replace your tyres around 3mm.


It is illegal to have tyres of a tread depth below 1.6mm. If you are found to be driving with tyres in this condition, you can face a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points per tyre.


Tyre safety is vital for safety on the road. It’s really important to not take risks and to make sure that your tyres are highly safe when on the road. If you have any concerns about the condition of your current tyres – we highly recommend that you come and visit us or call to book a free inspection.


How Can I Determine How Old My Tyres Are?


Another common question and aspect that can make your tyres unsafe on the road is the age of your tyres. Luckily, there is a handy indicator on the sidewall of your tyres that will let you know how old your tyres are. There will be a number on the tyre wall for example the number 2018 which will the 20th week of the year 2018. This will allow you to know how old your tyres are. There’s no general rule as to when tyres need to be replaced with some manufacturers saying you should replace tyres after 6 years without fail. Others claim that tyres can have a lifespan of over 10 years – with extensive checks needed to be carried out at the 5 year mark. If you feel that your tyres are showing signs of aging then it’s best to arrange for the tyres to be looked at. There are all sorts of aspects such as wear and tear and heat conditions that can deteriorate your tyres so it’s important to watch out for the common signs of this.

What Do I Need to Think About When Choosing My Next Set of Tyres?


If you’ve decided or identified that your current tyres are not safe or up to standard then the next step is to look for a replacement set. You’ll need to check what size of tyre you will need for your vehicle as this will depend on model and manufacturer. The vehicle manual will let you know about the recommended sizes of tyre and you can go off the tyres that you are replacing. You can also speak to a tyre specialist such as a member of our expert team who can have a look and discuss the correct tyres for your vehicle. You’ll need to replace your tyres in a set on the axle as one tyre will be new compared to an older one on the other end of the axle. You will be able to evenly measure tyre wear and the condition of both tyres when they are both replaced in favour of a set of new tyres. Some motorists decide to change all of their tyres for balance reasons.


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If you have any more questions or want to find out more about replacing your tyres, visit our tyre garage in Newport or speak to a member of our team today. We will give you honest advice along with a FREE tyre check to ensure that your tyres are safe when you are on the road. We can make recommendations to make your own tyre checks easier as well as recommend replacement tyres should you need this. If you need a hand or want to make sure that your tyres are safe on the road then enquire with our team using an online contact form on our website or telephone our Newport tyre garage now on: 01633 244 474